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Re: 1.3.36 install on debian testing

On 01/20/2014 12:23 AM, Chris Travers wrote:
> Could you attach relevant web server logs and anything in /tmp/ledgersmb/dblog* so I can take a look as to what may have gone wrong?

Oh, I had missed a step with users, groups, and postgresql.  No linux user dbsuper.

So, now I've created system group dbsuper, and login user dbsuper, and added dbsuper to group root,
and changed my /tmp dir to be: chmod 1777 /tmp

Then I can
$ su dbsuper
$ psql -d template1

and drop cibolo again, and try http://localhost/ledgersmb/setup.pl again

and now I get the enter user dialog.

More questions later.

John Griessen

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