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Template-Plugin-Latex bug

During my (failed) attempts to install lsmb on a Qubes-OS (R2B2) Fedora
18 instance, I ran into the previously mentioned problem
that cpan's Template::Plugin::Latex didn't want to install, giving the
error that two tests failed. Essentially:

FAILED 15:  - template text 6 did not match expected
FAILED 21:  - template text 9 did not match expected
t/13-latex-encode.t ..... 

Which seems to be related to '13-latex-encode.t' surrounding
characters with curly brackets, which is not expected by those tests.

I found this cpan.org bug 79632 
( https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=79632 )
and although it seems that there is a patch for it,
during my lsmb install it still appears broken.

I have no existing knowledge of cpan and/or perl, but looking at what's
going on, it seems that the proposed patch dates from March 24, 2013,
while the latest public version of Template::Plugin::LaTeX
(version 3.02) seems to be from 2009-03-12 as can be seen from

And yes, I downloaded the file 
and untarred it, and found the script 
still without the brackets around the '\textbackslash' instances.

Now I'm wondering what would be the next step in solving this problem?

Thought I'd post and document this in case others are still (also)
confronted with this problem, wondering where it might come


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