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Re: Trouble with recurring invoices and email

Hi, I did the same thing to my MTA interface ( and port with 
the same results.

Bill Ott

On 07/30/2013 01:08 PM, Bob Miller wrote:
> Greetings,
> We just did our scheduled invoices run.  This time we set ourselves up
> to be BCC'd.  Unfortunately, we never received the invoices.
> I tcpdump'd the lo interface on port 25, and tailed apache access log,
> apache error log, exim log, and syslog.  Apache error log showed nothing
> interesting, all debug info is related to SSL, the access log showed
> that the page loaded when we did the transactions.  Exim log shows no
> connections, and the tcpdump shows no traffic on port 25.  syslog
> reports no activity at all.
> So what ever the problem is, it seems that the recurring transactions
> are not attempting to mail out through smtp...
> The following errors came up on the screen immediately after the run:
> Posting Sales Invoice 3180 ..... done
> Sending Invoice 3180Location:
> is.pl?action=reprint&module=ar&type=invoice&login=linda&path=bin/mozilla&sessionid=&id=357&formname=invoice&format=pdf&media=email&vc=customer&ARAP=AR&message= Content-type: text/html ..... done
> Posting Sales Invoice 3181 ..... done
> Sending Invoice 3181Location:
> is.pl?action=reprint&module=ar&type=invoice&login=linda&path=bin/mozilla&sessionid=&id=358&formname=invoice&format=pdf&media=email&vc=customer&ARAP=AR&message= Content-type: text/html ..... doneLocation: am.pl?action=recurring_transactions&path=bin/mozilla&login=linda&sessionid=&header=1 Content-type: text/html
> I find myself agreeing with Bill that this problem seems related to the
> path argument.  It is really the only discrepancy that shows up.  There
> is indeed no bin/mozilla anywhere on this machine.  By mere
> happenstance, I happen to have a very old box temporarily back on my
> network from when I first opened my business, it has sql-ledger on it,
> and it has a bin/mozilla (and a bin/lynx) within its directory
> structure.
> So perhaps bin/mozilla was removed and the code for recurring
> transactions was not updated to reflect that?
> As per before, the invoices were created, and we were able to re-send
> them by email after.
> If there is anything else I can add to be helpful, or anything I can do
> to assist with testing a fix, please let me know

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