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Re: 1.3.33: cannot create assembly

Hi Erik

On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 4:03 PM, <max> wrote:
>> click on "Add assembly" I get: error: *Cannot create Assembly;
>> Income account does not exist! *I did not find any hint searching the
>> mail archives.

>the error is telling you that there is no
>account flagged with the 'IC_income' flag. You can do that by opening a GL
>account for editing in the System -> Chart of Accounts -> List accounts
>screen. You'll need to select an account marked as Income account and check
>the "Tracking items" and "Non-tracking items" check marks in the first
>column of the "Include in drop-downs" part of the screen.

Indeed that makes the menu work as expected.

>> In 1.2 I never configured anything to have this menu working. Where do I
>> need to look in order to make the menu Assembly clear there is an income
>> account?

>It must have come pre-configured for you on your original chart of
>accounts, I presume. The error isn't telling you there's no income account,
>however, there's no income account that's correctly configured for

I will investigate the current coa wrt the assembly and IC_income to the one used in 1.2

>If you want more info on the check marks in the account (editing) screen,
>please have a look at
>http://book.ledgersmb.org/1.3/split-book/sec-coa-account-configuration.html and
>send me your feedback.

The manual for sure helps now. Though I needed your reply to understand a bit of the basics on how it links together in the coa. i will consult the manual first the next time. 

Thanks for your quick reply!

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