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Re: 1.3.33: cannot create assembly

Hi Max,

On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 4:03 PM, Max van Biezen <..hidden..> wrote:

For years I am using LSMB 1.2.xx and now I am investigating 1.3.33. I am starting from scratch so no import from a 1.2 database.

in 1.3.33 I have added a few parts, vendors and posted some purchases. Now when I click on "Add assembly" I get: error: Cannot create Assembly; Income account does not exist! I did not find any hint searching the mail archives.

You just found me a bug. Not the error by itself -which has been in our code since we forked- but the check which generates the error is the wrong check. I found that while experimenting to see what triggers your report.

There must be a difference between your current 1.2 chart and the 1.3 chart you're using to experiment with: the error is telling you that there is no account flagged with the 'IC_income' flag. You can do that by opening a GL account for editing in the System -> Chart of Accounts -> List accounts screen. You'll need to select an account marked as Income account and check the "Tracking items" and "Non-tracking items" check marks in the first column of the "Include in drop-downs" part of the screen.

The "Non-tracking items" check mark is the bug here. I'll be committing a fix for it in a bit.
I used a chart of accounts that comes with the ledger tar file from sourceforge.

In 1.2 I never configured anything to have this menu working. Where do I need to look in order to make the menu Assembly clear there is an income account?

It must have come pre-configured for you on your original chart of accounts, I presume. The error isn't telling you there's no income account, however, there's no income account that's correctly configured for Assemblies.

If you want more info on the check marks in the account (editing) screen, please have a look atÂhttp://book.ledgersmb.org/1.3/split-book/sec-coa-account-configuration.htmlÂand send me your feedback.




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