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Re: Closing Purchase Orders when all items are received

On 24/05/2013 16:42, Zev Steen wrote:

Thanks for the fast reply.

Let me correct something in my question and clarify our procedure.  I was relying on my Receiving department for all the details on the issue.  I just tested it myself if both databases to get clarity.  Here is the issue:

At the moment we use Ledger for inventory purposes only, not financial bookkeeping.  When an item is purchased we write a Purchase Order for the amount and cost of the item.  When it is received we use the Receive Merchandise interface.  In the Receive Merchandise list only Purchase Orders that have not been received in full appear.  Once we receive a Purchase Order in full, it disappears from the Receive Merchandise list.

However, in both databases when we receive all the items in a PO from the Receive Merchandise list, while it disappears from the Receive Merchandise list it still appears on the Order Entry > Reports > Purchase Orders list as an Open PO.

Unless I am misunderstanding something, the PO should close once all items are received it full.

The PO closes when you raise the invoice against it, and not before.

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