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Re: Chart of accounts - can't save changes - Ed Porter

Hi Ed,

On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 10:27 PM, Ed Porter <..hidden..> wrote:
Dear Sirs,

I have installed LedgerSMB / Apache2 / Postgresql 9.1 and have the
software working. After logging in, I am having problems when setting up
the chart of accounts for the first time.

Thanks for posting your question on the users mailing list.

To be able to answer your question, we'll need to know which LedgerSMB version you have installed.Â
I list Chart of Accounts and double click on a specific account to edit
as per the instructions in the manual. After changing the input(s), when
I double click on the Save button. I receive an error "Required input
not provided".

If I change the account number, and click "Save as New", the Chart of
Accounts updates with no problems.

How can I overcome this problem
It's hard to tell Âuntil we know the version you're using, but chances are that the answer is "update to the latest version", because I'm running a recent 1.3 version and I'm not having this issue.



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