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Chart of accounts - can't save changes - Ed Porter

Dear Sirs,

I have installed LedgerSMB / Apache2 / Postgresql 9.1 and have the 
software working. After logging in, I am having problems when setting up 
the chart of accounts for the first time.

I list Chart of Accounts and double click on a specific account to edit 
as per the instructions in the manual. After changing the input(s), when 
I double click on the Save button. I receive an error "Required input 
not provided".

If I change the account number, and click "Save as New", the Chart of 
Accounts updates with no problems.

How can I overcome this problem



Ed Porter
Managing Director

Reforus Inc
6435 Evans Road
Chilliwack BC
Canada V2R 1K8

Tel: 	604 858-7616
email: 	..hidden..

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