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Re: Debian Upgrade


 On Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 11:12 AM, Scott Martin <..hidden..> wrote:
>  I cannot honestly say, but under the original dataset I am able to add
> accounts to the chart of accounts, add products, groups and have created an
> inventory account, a cogs account and asales revenue account.

     With the new version of LedgerSMB?  The old version?

> The older version I believe created those accounts for me based on a
> business model that you selected.
> I really don't know if I can create a test company database.? How can I
> tell?

    They are 'test' databases in the sense that they are not intended
for actual production use;  there's no other difference.
And being able to create and log in to one is a good indication that
LedgerSMB is working properly.

> and my main objective is to reuse existing data and not have to
> recreate it all from scratch.

    When given the name of an existing database, LSMB checks what
version it was set up against.  This is so it can offer to do any
necessary db updates in the case of a v1.3.x upgrade, and a db
migration in the case of an update from a version v1.2 database.

   RJ Clay <..hidden..>

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