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First trial purchase - problems

Good evening

I did today my first trial purchase. Here are details:

- main company currency is PLN (declaration PLN:EUR:USD)
- purchase in EUR with exchange rate 4.1432
- value net 54200 EUR
- VAT value 12666 EUR (23%)
- To be paid: 66666 EUR

I did, as in the manual, first RFQ, then Purchase order. From Purchase 
order goods receiption and Vendor Invoice.

First question:
to each purchase we need a delivery note with values that reflect in PLN 
the cost of purchased goods. In this case 224561.44 PLN (54200*4.1432). 
Which kind of document in LSMB can be used for it? The purchase order is 
only in currency of transaction (here in EUR).

I checked the inventory value account. It was correctly increased by 
224561.44 PLN. But looking at GL it looks not so good:

Here is the copy of it:

Debit 224561.44   account 333000000 Stocked goods
Debit 12466.00    account 223030100 VAT 23%
Credit 237027.44 account 222020400 Liabilities

It means the vendors invoice net value was multiplied by exchange rate, 
but VAT not, what gives uncorrect value of our payables.

I also tried to check inventory activity. But there was server error 
with the following error log:
"Premature end of script headers: rp.pl, referer: 

What is wrongly set?

Could somebody please send me info how can I contribute in translations?

Thanks a lot,

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