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Re: "You have no permission to access this file"

On 17/02/13 12:57, ario wrote:

First: I'm not an expert, but I'm going through the same stuff right 
now, so why not share? :)

> In fact there are two problems:
> I installed lsmb-1.3.29-1 on a Fedora 18 VM using the rpm.
> 1.
> I Had to switch off SELinux in order to have httpd accept the listening
> on port 5432 (it just FAILED to start up with SELinux enforced). This
> can't be right.

can't comment, don't use SELinux, but see next comment.

> I put an index.html containing the text "hello" in /var/www/html and
> when I 'point' lynx (it's a GUI-less minimal install) to localhost,
> whether it's or, I get the 'hello'.

http (lynx) talks on port 80 unless you tell it otherwise.
Postgresql listens on 5432, but that is accessed by the underlying 
script, not by lynx.

> 2.
> When I try to go to or -setup.pl, I
> get a HTTP403 "Forbidden" (You don't have permission to
> access /ledgersmb/login.pl on this server.)
> Yet the 'alias /ledgersmb /usr/share/ledgersmb' is in
> the /etc/httpd/conf.d/ledgersmb.conf file.

try logging in with <lynx localhost/ledgersmb/login.pl>
localhost is the same as for practical purposes.
You shouldn't normally (ever?) use port 5432 for lynx (or Firefox etc)

> By the way: why are there 2 ledgersmb.conf files scattered around the
> system?
>       $ locate ledgersmb.conf
>       /etc/httpd/conf.d/ledgersmb.conf
>       /usr/share/ledgersmb/ledgersmb.conf
>       $
> Oh, wait, those are two entirely different files.

The first is the apache config file so that apache can find the 
ledgersmb files it needs
The second is the  configuration of ledgersmb. They do different jobs 
and have different
content. On my install, they have different names to distinguish them.

> The permissions on /usr/share/ledgersmb are 744, owner:group=root:root.
> The same for login.pl, but then with 644 for the permissions.
> Even if I set all 'Deny All' directives in ledgersmb.conf to 'Allow
> All', I still get the 403. (Of course after a 'systemctl restart
> httpd.service'.)
> Almost seems like the alias isn't seen??

I hope that helps. I'm not the expert around here, but at least trying that
won't mess anything up. (I hope).

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