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Re: Outstanding Report

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 5:07 PM, Brian Wolf <..hidden..> wrote:

Is there a way to make a payment to a vendor from within the AP > Reports  > Outstanding list? 

Not currently. 

If not, it would require the user to look at the list of Outstanding, memorize it, and then go into Cash > Payments and remember which vendor (or entity) to pay.

There are actually two entirely different workflows for payment processing.  I think in 1.5 we are likely to bring these two much closer together, but for now.....

The first is under Cash/Payment and Cash/Receipt and it is for issuing single payments or processing receipts from counterparties you are able to identify quickly.  It supports prepayment and overpayment.  Separation of duties is not currently supported on this interface, and I don't think we can support it for 1.4.

The second is the batch payment/receipt system.  This system does not support overpayments or prepayments except for pending invoices (which can be attached to the same batch).  This is found under Cash/Vouchers/Payments and Cash/Vouchers/Receipts.  It supports separation of duties (although the pdf of the checks must be generated before the approval stage).  In this workflow only vendors with outstanding amounts above the ECA payment threshold (default 0) show up.

Also, Outstanding seems to just show the total owed over time and how much paid.  It does not show how much is currently owed.  Is that correct?

Check the "Amount Due" box.   Maybe we should make that checked by default in 1.4....

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