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Re: debian wheezy

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 10:12 AM, Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:
> .... So, even if the security bug has been fixed, the version available in Debian 7
> (wheezy?) will be numbered 1.3.18

   The next release of Debian, v7 (code named Wheezy), will currently
include the LedgersSMB 1.3.18-2 package.  Prior to that release of v7,
I may be able to get (for instance) that security fix accepted into
Wheezy by doing something like a separate 1.3.18-3 package with just
that fix (as a patch), but that isn't something I've had a chance to
work on.  After the release of Debian v7, there will be the
wheezy-backports distribution, for which I'll be working on more
current versions of LedgerSMB  v1.3.

> (or whatever version makes it into Debian).

      Keep in mind that It's already in Debian (Debian unstable,
"Sid"), just not yet in what will be Debian v7 ("wheezy", the current
Testing distribution).

Robert J. Clay