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Re: debian wheezy

Hi Siegfried,

The debian package maintainers are expected to patch security issues, but not increase the base version. So, even if the security bug has been fixed, the version available in Debian 7 (wheezy?) will be numbered 1.3.18 (or whatever version makes it into Debian).

Possibly you already have the fix; it should be in the package's change log.



On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 3:31 PM, Ullmann d.o.o. <..hidden..> wrote:
Thank you for the explanation Chris.

Yes, you can send me the patch.

If the fix is so easy, the package maintainer could implement it in the
official Debian package as users expect a reliable and secure version "from"

I personaly used the ledgersmb_x.deb package only to import all the other
packages (depencies) to get ledgersmb running.
Currently I am geting in touch with 1.4.x

Winter greetings

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