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Re: projects lost after importing 1.2.21 backups in 1.3.23

There are also error messages in the /var/log/apache2/error.log:

[Fri Dec 07 07:25:17 2012] [error] [client] Directory
index forbidden by Options directive: /usr/share/ledgersmb/css/,


Commit ineffective with AutoCommit enabled at scripts/setup.pl in line


DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: column "version" does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT version FROM defaults
               ^ at LedgerSMB/Database.pm line 326.

I checked /etc/apache2/conf.d/ledgersmb-httpd.conf, but the section with
<Directory /var/lib/ledgersmb/css> looks ok:

<Directory /var/lib/ledgersmb/css>
  Order Deny,Allow
  Allow from
  Allow from localhost
  Allow from 192.168.122
  Deny from All


On Fri, 2012-12-07 at 07:43 +0000, ario wrote:
> Still trying to get things working.
> Re-installed brand new debian 6.0.6 and ledgersmb 1.3.23.
> Imported the backup of a 1.2.21 database with loads of projects.
> After that, only 2 projects show up.
> Strange number in System|Defaults|Job/Project Number: 11
> Both databases (within the same cluster) give this same number, although
> both have different number of projects >> 11.
> What's going on, and how can I get my projects back in 1.3.23?
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