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Re: Allowing Accountant access

On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 11:38 PM, Kevin Bailey <..hidden..> wrote:

How do I get the menu items to show?

If the menu items are not showing, that suggests these role names are missing from the menu_acl table. You can make the menu items show up by inserting the roles in the menu_acl table with an 'allow' authorization and the menu ids of the menu items as taken from the menu_node table.

Thanks for the reply.Â

This seems a bit strange - if I need to change which items various users can access surely I don't have to edit the underlying database?

No, you shouldn't. I didn't say so, but I consider this a bug. However at the moment it looks like your quickest bet is to edit the underlying database.

Could you send us the commands you have to issue for the menu to show up correctly?