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some (rather strange) issues after updating to 1.3.23 on debian 6.0.6


to my surprise, some databases seem to get mingled when I log into some
of them simultaneously. I have seen a project list with projects mixed
coming from two databases, both project lists only partially shown

Then I logged in to one database, to find the projects list was empty
(in 1.2.21 it was quite full).
In Purchases|Add Transaction, the vendor list isn't drop-down, so I
can't choose a vendor anymore. There's also no projects drop-down
anymore, but I don't know whether this is a 'feature' of 1.3.23.

And also, in the Add Transaction form, shortly after upgrading there was
an additional few lines at the bottom of the form which weren't there in
1.2.21 and which have to do with uploading files relevant to the

I know this is a very imprecise presentation of the issues I
encountered. Just wondering whether I should go through the upgrade
again, or if somebody has experienced similar ones.