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Re: Reconciliation - is it not possible to set a negative balance

>>> Like many we have an overdraft on our business account - so the opening
>>> balance may be a negative amount - if I enter a negative amount I get:
>>>      Error!
>>> *Invalid statement balance. Hint: Try entering a number*

> I get around this by entering the amount as 0.00 - and then change the
> statement closing balance on the next screen and click Update.

Good tip - thank you.

It also works to enter a negative amount by enclosing it in brackets or
appending the characters "DR".

So instead of "-12.34" enter "(12.34)" or "12.34DR"

To my mind, the format "-12.34" should also be accepted. (Any reason why
not?) I will file a bug report and patch to allow this. If you want to
look at code in the meantime, I believe there is a spurious validation
test around line 410 of scripts/recon.pl