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Re: Display thumbnail

Hi Brian,

On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 8:37 PM, Brian Wolf <..hidden..> wrote:
Is there a way to display the photo (as a thumbnail) on part (product) search results page?
Which components / files need to be modified? How would we go about it?

Well, if you want to implement this, I think you need a store for the most-often requested (if not all) images in the required thumb format, to prevent performance issues.

Apart from that, you need to enhance the table returned when searching for parts. This is old code, which means it's a bit hard to get what exactly calls what, but I think I found the routine which builds the table in-memory. It's probably bin/ic.pl:search(). So, if you want to change the table, I'd start by hacking an additional (empty) column into the table to see if that's the right place for sure.

Hope that helps,