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Re: installed ledgersmb-1.3.23-1 on debian-6.0.6, access denied

On Fri, 2012-11-02 at 04:59 -0400, ario wrote:
> As the VM running LedgerSMB is headless, there's no browser installed.
> The browser I use is on the VM's host, so would refer to the
> host itself, not the VM.
> With 'ledger-smb root directory, do you mean
> ?
> I get 'forbidden' on both
> and
> as well as on
> Actually I consider this a bug of the ledgersmb-1.3.23-1 package, as I
> have followed all its instructions as far as I can tell.

   Please see my other email about that.

   I have thought about ways to add web server configuration to the
installation, particularly since I'd also like to add support for nginx
to the Debian package, but don't have such implemented as yet. Perhaps I
should at least add something explicitly about it to README.Debian?