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Re: installed ledgersmb-1.3.23-1 on debian-6.0.6, access denied

On Fri, 2012-11-02 at 04:16 -0400, ario wrote:

> 2. Then I run
>      # apt-get update
>      # apt-get upgrade
>      # apt-get dist-upgrade
> (just to be sure :)
>      # apt-get install ledgersmb

   Since you're running squeeze, Recommended and/or Suggested packages
not available in squeeze may also need to be installed that way...
(They are in wheezy.)

> 5. Configure database for ledgersmb with dbconfig-common?: yes

   Note that is still experimental, which is why it still defaults to
'no'...  (README.Debian gives the SQL to configure the 'ledgersmb' user

   If the 'ledgersmb' database admin role is present, it may not have
the correct permissions; that can be corrected by running the following
in, for instance, psql:


> 7.   # service apache2 restart
> was invoked due to a short message passing by, mentioning that it would
> be necessary. Didn't read quite fast enough to see wether this was
> already automatically done by the script, but considered it not
> dangerous if apache were restarted again.

   Apache should be getting restarted during the installation but you're
also right that it shouldn't hurt to do it again.

> It "could not reliably establish the domain name" so the script chose to
> use instead, which seemed ok to me.

   I add a 'ServerName' entry to /etc/apache2/apache2.conf to take care
of that...

> 11. Going to and
> however, I get:
> "Forbidden
> You don't have permission to access /ledgersmb/setup.pl on this server.
> Apache/2.2.22 (Debian) Server at Port 80"

   Did you update the /etc/apache2/conf.d/ledgersmb-httpd.conf for
access by that network?  It depends on your setup, but there are two
places in the default Apache2 configuration that need to be updated if
LedgerSMB is being accessed non locally. Specifically, the
'/usr/share/ledgersmb/' and '/var/lib/legersmb/css' Directory stanzas;
in setups like yours, I just add for example an "Allow from" line to those stanzas and then restart Apache
(presuming that is the local network).