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LedgerSMB Manual

One of our clients expressed appreciation of the LedgerSMB manual in helping them get started.  He was kind enough to forward a modest list of typos and mistakes which can easily be fixed going forward.


1.1 Typo - businesses
3.3.1 Type - batch_list …transactions (not transactions)
4 Credit account - extra "and your business"
6.7.4 "The standard way books are normally closed…" redundant
7.9.1 "On Hand" - "Hand" should be bold
9.3 extra space between "misc." and "expenses"
14 "for and their start and end dates" does not make sense
15.1 extra period at the end of the first bullet point
15.3 Cash Drawers - "The control codes is"  should be "are"
16.3 GL Transaction has 10 lines not 9
16.5 last paragraph, "To move error a transaction from the error or uncleared…"
17 "Note that a blank number if iterations…"

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