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Re: Now trying ledegrsmb1.3.18

On 22/10/12 16:54, Robert James Clay wrote:
On Mon, 2012-10-22 at 11:13 -0400, lrspares45 wrote:
I've found 1.3.18 deb and installed that ....
    Which one?  My v1.3.18-1 package?  (Check the debian changelog...)

    Btw; I ususually install the dwww package on any system I'm running
some kind of cgi capable web server on, so the local documentation can
be viewed and browsed...


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Hi Jame,
I'm at home now. I think it was 1.3.18-1, though looking for where I got it from I've found another, 1.3.18-2 at http://pkgs.org/download/ledgersmb.

I've looked through all the documentation I can find for ledgersmb & Ubuntu - not much joy there I'm afraid.