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Login problems - again.


so I've got the dbase restored, and via pgpadmin it looks like the data is there, browsing through the tables.

Unfortunately, after the 'user details' entry at the end of the restore process, I can now no longer log into LSMB. I can log in to Set Up no problem. So it looks like, for whatever reason, I don't have a user for LSMB, i.e. for login.pl.

How can I create one without being able to access LSMB - I've spent all afternoon googling and trying stuff, but to no avail - not helped by most advice bring trying some Postgres command but not telling me whether I should be an ordinary user, at the postgres prompt or pqsl prompt; and then getting syntax errors anyway ;-)

Can someone *please* tell me how to, or point me to some where that really explains how to, create a user that I can log in with when I cannot log in via login.pl - I'm seriously frustrated after 4 days trying to restore from a back-up, and my customer has made it very clear I'm not getting paid for most of my time.