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Re: Print sales order

Perl is missing Template::Plugin::LaTeX. It's the template processor's interface to LaTeX which is the engine used to produce PDFs.

There were same instructions how to install the missing plugin from Robert (Jame) to Kevin a few days ago. You need to (assuming Debian Squeeze):

$ aptitude install liblatex-driver-perl
$Âaptitude install liblatex-encode-perl
$Âaptitude install liblatex-table-perl
$Âaptitude install libtemplate-perl

$ cpan Template::Plugin::Latex


This is still not quite working for me. I'm using a standard Debian squeeze server and the notes RE the setup have been posted to the list in the last few days.

I'd already installed the Debian packages listed.

When I run '$ cpan Template::Plugin::Latex' I'm getting:

..hidden..:/var/log# cpan Template::Plugin::Latexcpan

Note the extra 'cpan' at the end. What happens if you remove them?

yep - hands up - that was a mistake. I've jst sent an email to the list with the detailed output (showing the failures) from running the correct command. Hopefully it can go straight on to the list without moderation.

Actually - I've just pasted the output to here - http://pastebin.com/SQdpNnB8

No idea why it doesn't work for you. It worked like that on my Squeeze system. I saw Robert's offer to help you with a test VM. I'll wait for an outcome there, because so far there's very little I can do for you other than Robert is already doing.