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Re: Can't email out invoices etc

On Wed, 2012-10-17 at 13:20 -0400, Kevin Bailey wrote:
> On 17/10/12 18:16, Robert James Clay wrote:

> >    Have you tried using nullmailer?  That's what I use for such
> > situations...
> >
> >    Or you could configure the 'smtphost' item in the config file and have
> > it send directly to a local mail server instead of depending on the what
> > available on the LSMB server...
> >
> What do these things mean?

   Which things?  

   'nullmailer' is a relay only mta, useful for systems like servers (&
VM's, VPS's, chroots, etc) where you don't want to run a full fledged
email program like postfix on the system but do need a 'sendmail'
executable to be available. Package name on Debian is 'nullmailer'.  
(I use it on most of my VMs & VPSs to have all of the usual system
emails sent to my admin account on the local mail server.)

   As an alternative to using sendmail, you can configure LSMB to send
directly to an email server by setting the 'smtphost' item instead of
the 'sendmail' config item.  (At least, according to the documentation
in the ledgersmb.conf file; I haven't tested it myself since I usually
have nullmailer installed on the system anyway and so just use the
sendmail config item which is enabled by default.)