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How do I get LedgerSMB to work

Sorry - but I'm kinda close to giving up here...

I had a new server set up with Debian wheezy - got LS working but some perl updates seems to have broken things.

So we have a Debian squeeze server - and I've tried an install from the tarball - but now I'm getting errors RE ledgersmb.conf and I'm not sure what to do - also, the Makefile.PL errors etc.

So - I have as a starting point a brand new server - and I can wipe it and start everything from scratch.

What can I do to get a decent install of LS working including output to PDF?

I don't need detailed instructions - just:

Install Squeeze,
Download tar.gz etc.

But I would like to know - has anyone gotten LS to work - and what were the rough steps needed.


Kevin Bailey