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Reversing a Duplicate Receipt

I'm posting this to document what I consider counter-intuitive behaviour
in ledgersmb - and the work-around I used. I hope this may prove useful to
somebody else finding themselves in the same situation.

I am using ledgersmb 1.3.22.

I mistakenly created a duplicate Receipt by clicking 'Copy to New' on a
Sales Invoice, not realising that the payments information is also copied.

It's not possible to use Cash->Vouchers->Reverse Receipts to reverse this.

To illustrate, Cash->Vouchers->Reverse Receipts looks promising at first,
allowing just the duplicated Receipt to be selected for reversal:

Selected  Debtor  Date Paid   Total Paid  Source
          3       2012-06-20  11916       cash
    X     3       2012-06-20  11916       cash

But counter-intuitively, this creates a voucher reversing both items (note
the amount), even though just one was selected:

Batch ID: 21
ID  Description	    Class            Source  Amount  Date
6   Reversing cash  Receipt Reversal cash    23832   2012-06-20

This behaviour is because ledgersmb groups together transactions with
identical account, customer, date and source fields, as described in:

I think this behaviour is wrong, but understand there are historic reasons
for it, and that some may rely on it.

In my situation, I was able to manually reverse the duplicate Receipt by
going to Cash->Receipt, then entering a corresponding negative receipt
against the invoice in question.

I hope that helps somebody searching these archives in the future.

Best wishes to all,