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Re: Any advice on how I should deal with my advertising expense?

On Wed, Oct 03, 2012 at 06:15:07PM -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
> I think the typical solution to this problem is to come up with a budget
> for advertising, assume you will spend it, and try to set your rates to
> cover.
> >
> > I had health problems last year, so I don't have a yearly cost to work
> > with, which might be helpful.
> >
> > This is a big expense for my company, so I need to get this more or less
> > right.
> >
> There's a budget addon for LSMB 1.3 (rolled into 1.4 core) which allows you
> to set expected expenses over a period for a project or department, and
> then track how you are doing against that.  This may be helpful.
> Also if your business has been dormant for a year, you should expect to
> spend more with fewer returns at first.

OK, that is a helpful idea.
I can come up with a reasonable idea on how much I might spend in a
month. Which perhaps I could bill based on how long I expect a certain
job to last, plus a little more to cover advertising when there are down
times. I would like to spend some time doing flyers during an existing
job also.

OK, now I have a good idea how to do this. Thanks.

I hadn't looked at the budget addon. I will do that now.

Chris Bennett