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Re: Debian Upgrade Question


On Wed, 2012-09-19 at 13:06 -0400, Scott Martin wrote:
> Trying to upgrade from 1.2.18 to 1.3.18 via upgrading Debian

    How?  And to what?

    And you say it was "1.2.18 to 1.3.18".  Does that mean you were
using the v1.2.18 deb from the LedgerSMB site?

> Database is 8.3.9

  Do you have the contrib package installed?  Have you updated the
configuration item for it?  (It defaults to the path for v9.1)

> Get to login screens and are unable to get past another pop up user
> name and password login.

  What happens if you go to setup.pl?

  Did you create the ledgersmb postgresql role?  (That's not quite
automated yet, although I intend it to be... See README.Debian)

> Ledgersmb.conf is the same after update.

  Same as you used for 1.2.18?  There are some v1.3 specific entries
that you may need to put in there...