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Updated LedgerSMB Debian packages

On Wed, 2012-09-19 at 08:40 -0400, Robert James Clay wrote:

>    v1.3.21-2 is what is available in Debian unstable;

   I didn't post about it back when that happened because I wanted to
see if it gets accepted into Debian Testing...

>  I've requested that it be allowed into Debian Testing but
>  don't know if it will be accepted.

   Because Debian Testing is 'frozen', pending work on the release of
'wheezy' as the next stable release of Debian, and new package versions
currently do not automatically migrate to Debian Testing. 

   Once I know one way or the other about the v1.3.21-2 package, I'll
work on getting a package for v1.3.22 uploaded; or v1.3.23 if that is
out by that time.

   Btw; I also plan to make an updated package for v1.2.25 available
(although likely not directly in Debian), which will install in a way
that allows the official v1.3 packages to be installed on the same