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Re: problems upgrading from a bastard 1.2.25 install to 1.3.18

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 4:22 PM, Antoine Beaupré <..hidden..> wrote:

I am trying to upgrade from 1.2.25 to 1.3.18-2 (the Debian package). I
have encountered significant issues.

Here is the procedure I followed:


Basically, I am creating a dumb database from scratch, dropping it and
recreating it with the data from the other install, as I am working
accross database servers on a completely separated install.

What is happening, after the painful invoice rename process (can't those
be sorted by invoice number ffs??), is that all tables are completely

koumbit12=# select * from acc_trans;
(0 row)

All tables. I fail to understand how this can happen, especially since
the upgrade script prompts me for actual data.

For what it's worth, the second I hit "upgrade" on that last screen, it
had already flushed all tables in the database, which can explain why
the tables end up being empty.

This is a major blocker for us, any ideas?

yeah.  This happens when the upgrade fails.  The upgrade is non-destructive but so is the downgrade, so you can run sql/upgrade/1.3-1.2.sql to undo the upgrade.  Then we can find the problem, fix it, and try again.

The error message is probably in your /tmp/ledgersmb/dblog file.  If you could review it and possibly send it to me that would be helpful.

Best wishes,
Chris Travers