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Re: Print labels

Hi Brian,

I've used latex to create barcodes in invoices and picklists without additional software - but with an additional latex package. What you'd be missing is the label output insider lsmb. However, New templates are not that hard to add...


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On Sep 6, 2012 1:23 AM, "Brian Wolf" <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi everyone:

AFAIK LedgerSMB does not have the ability to print product labels (containing barcodes). That would require a third-party software product that would be pointed at a PostgreSQL. Can someone confirm the following?

1. The above is true: need a third-party software app to print labels.

2. PostgreSQL can be configured to permit certain limited privileges from a specific IP address, and only on specific tables. For example, only SELECT privs on the Parts table for IP address <whatever>.


Brian Wolf
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