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Re: deleting an invoice

On Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 2:07 AM, Lyle <..hidden..> wrote:

I think it should be supported properly.

Can you define what proper behavior is when an invoice is deleted, FIFO inventory behavior is used, and the price of the item is volatile?  This is where our nasty surprises currently come in.  Of course you can't get help from accountants because the workflow itself violates generally accepted accounting principles and practices.  Quickbooks gets away from this a bit because they don't support FIFO inventory valuation, probably because it leads to an inability to sanely delete invoices).  They use average cost instead.

The second problem has to do with auditability.  If you can delete invoices generally after they have become a part of the financial records of your business, then internal controls largely don't matter.

What we will support (and I think that this is as close to "proper support" as possible) in 1.4 is two stage entry and approval.  Enter a transaction, save it.  Review it.  At this point it is not part of the books.  It is not an invoice.  It cannot be printed or emailed.  It is just a record that can become an invoice.  It can be deleted or approved.  Once it is approved it is shown in the reports as an invoice and can no longer be deleted.  This is the proper way (accounting-wise) to handle the data entry issue.  Deleting invoices after they have been posted to the books though is a recipe for bad things on all levels and I can't see how we can ever support this.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers