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Re: System->taxes Database error

Thank you for the pointers which have allowed me to resolve the problem.

> Hmm... I wonder if sql/modules/Fixes.sql had an error in this section.

It isn't an error with Fixes.sql, which works fine.

Ultimately it was user error on my part. The problem occurred because I
had been entering the wrong postgres superuser password.

However, this password error is not trapped by setup.pl. I believe it
should be.

If you enter the wrong postgres superuser password into the initial
setup.pl, a browser box pops up asking for a user name and password. For
months now, I have been seeing this and assumed I should enter my usual
ledgersmb user name and password, which is accepted without complaint.

Having entered a valid ledgersmb username and password at the browser
prompt, you can click 'rebuild/upgrade' and will receive the 'This
database operation has completed successfully" message, even though it is
actually unsuccessful (lack of permissions).

Also in this situation, if you click 'Backup DB' a backup file will be
generated with no data in it. There is no warning that the backup file is
empty and from a user-perspective it seems as though a valid backup has
been generated. This is a nasty trap for those that don't test their

Thank you for your help with this issue. I appreciate the quick response.