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Re: Problems, still, upgrading from LSMB 1.2.0, guidance sought

On Sun, Jul 8, 2012 at 5:22 PM, Hugh Esco <..hidden..> wrote:
With some guidance from ehu` on the IRC channel, I made some progress
on the issue described below, but now again find myself stuck here.

After setting the default country, AR and AP accounts, I encountered an
Internal Server Error, for which I have posted the logs here:


so I went:

        chown www-data: /tmp/ledgersmb/

And on page reload, I am advised in the browser: "Error!  Internal
Database Error:  More information has been reported in the error logs."
So I linked those error logs here:


ehu` advised that I "need to change your ledgersmb.conf," explaining
"in your ledgersmb.conf, there's a setting pointing to the directory of

With a fresh updatedb, `locate tablefunction.sql` turns up nothing.
Poking around I'm guessing perhaps the directory I am interested in is
this one: /usr/local/ledgersmb_13/sql/upgrade/svn/.  But I still do not
know what key to set that value to.  Grep'ing the code base led me to
LedgerSMB::DBObject->exec_method() which appears to call a stored
procedure on the database, but that left me still scratching my head
about what change I need to make to ledgersmb.conf.

tablefunc.sql is contained in the package containing the postgresql contrib scripts. 

On Red-Hat-like distros something like:

yum install postgresql-contrib

On Debian-like systems, 

apt-get install postgresql-contrib

For others, you may want to google.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers