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LedgerSMB 1.3.18-1 accepted into Debian unstable

On Wed, 2012-06-13 at 15:19 -0400, Debian FTP Masters wrote:
> Accepted:
> ledgersmb_1.3.18-1.debian.tar.gz
>   to main/l/ledgersmb/ledgersmb_1.3.18-1.debian.tar.gz
> ledgersmb_1.3.18-1.dsc
>   to main/l/ledgersmb/ledgersmb_1.3.18-1.dsc
> ledgersmb_1.3.18-1_all.deb
>   to main/l/ledgersmb/ledgersmb_1.3.18-1_all.deb
> ledgersmb_1.3.18.orig.tar.gz
>   to main/l/ledgersmb/ledgersmb_1.3.18.orig.tar.gz

   LedgerSMB v1.3.18 has been uploaded and accepted into Debian unstable
with package version 1.3.18-1.  If you find any issues with it, please
feel free to report it if has not already been reported [1] and discuss
it here as well. 

RJ Clay ('Jame')


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