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Re: PDF printing on debian squeeze + 1.3.18

----------------eredeti Ãzenet----------------- 
FeladÃ: "Erik Huelsmann" <..hidden..>
CÃmzett: ..hidden..
DÃtum: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 23:49:49 +0200

Hi  IstvÃn,

I used Hungarian characters, seems nothing special. HTML output is correct.

Unfortunately, using Hungarian characters *is* something special: LaTeX doesn't handle it quite well as it wasn't designed for UTF-8 character sets (which LSMB uses internally). The solution is to use XeLaTeX (which is part of XeTeX). However, that currently requires patching Latex::Driver. However, when you do, it's no longer suitable for other programs to be used, because it'll trigger XeLaTeX and not LaTeX.

This directory is meant as input for XeLaTeX and can't be fed into LaTeX without the errors shown below. 
Right. LaTeX doesn't handle UTF-8 characters very well...


I could send you the patched files I use with PDF output for Norwegian characters, if that'd help?



 Hi Erik,

Thank you for the info!

<ironic joke> It is unbeliveable, Hun characters is special. Just like our government with their idiot unortodox economy strategy. We must be veeery special..... </ironic joke>

So, in this case I understand, why almost all printing actions failed.

Could you send me the patched version of that Latex::Driver? Maybe it will work, if not, I try to modify it to get it work.

Thank you very much!




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