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Re: LedgerSMB 1.3.17 released

On 18. mai 2012 01:56, Chris Travers wrote:
 > Additionally there are two minor enhancements added.  The first allows
 > images that are uploaded to be attached to invoices, optionally.  This
 > requires turning it on in defaults and templates require some
 > extension to add the images.


 > * Optional image retrieval with size detection for latex templates
 > * Added option to attach images to LaTeX PDF invoices/orders/etc

The new module is

[Size detection for images for embedding in LaTeX templates]
- Image::Size               ...missing.

sudo apt-get install libimage-size-perl

Do we need Image::Size as default or is this an optional module ?

(Possible action note: Image::Size is not in the release_notes)

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