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Copying database from 1.2 to 1.3

Now that I can log in and this is apparently (at least, I can set up a new
database and so on) I want to get the data from my 1.2 installation into the
1.3 installation.

I restored my data with these commands:

createdb companyname
psql companyname < companyname-backup.sql

This appeared to work without error.

Now when I log into the setup.pl as the postgres user and specifying
companyname as the database, I get this:

Logged in as postgres
LedgerSMB 1.2 db found
Would you like to upgrade the database?

The only button is "Yes", so I click that.

I then get a screen that shows me some partnumber, description, sellprice
fields, and it appears that I can edit the partnumber field.   The button on
the bottom is "Save and Retry"

What am I expected to do here?  Just clicking the button puts me right back on
the same screen.  Do I need to somehow change those partnumbers to something

One other apparently minor error.  When I created my admin user for companyname
through setup.pl, I selected ca as the locale and this error showed up on the
screen (and also in the postresql log):

ERROR:  insert or update on table "user_preference" violates foreign key
constraint "user_preference_language_fkey" DETAIL:  Key (language)=(en_CA) is
not present in table "language".

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