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Re: Install 1.3.15 on Centos 6, and upgrade from 1.2 question

On 24. april 2012 09:50, Frank Cox wrote:
> I found out that it was the noscript firefox plugin that was preventing the
> Super-user login and Password box from being created, so I just deleted the
> ~/.mozilla directory on that computer completely so now there is no chance of
> anything interfering with this on the firefox end of things.

Thanks for you update on this. I have included this in the LegersSMB 
FAQ.  - "I can't login"

> very quickly flashes a "would you like to save this password" window that I
> assume is generated by firefox, and it goes away on its own in less than a
> second, to be replaced by the firefox "A username and password are being
> requested by localhost..." popup window.  Entering anything or nothing in that
> window brings up an "Access denied.  Bad username or password" window with an
> OK button that returns me to the  Firefox "A username and password are being
> requested by localhost..." popup window, which then takes me to the a
> webpage that says "Status: 401 Unauthorized Please enter your credentials".

The user and password you enter has to belong to a PostreSQL user.
(The user and password should work with psql)


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