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Re: Install 1.3.15 on Centos 6, and upgrade from 1.2 question

On 22. april 2012 00:25, Frank Cox wrote:
> I get as far as going to the localhost/ledgersmb/setup.pl screen.  When I get
> there the only field I have on it  are the title Database Management Console,
> the header Superuser credentials, a Database field and a Login button.   The
> Super-user login and Password fields that I see in the screenshot at
> http://ledgersmb.org/files/Screenshot%20at%202011-10-22%2013_13_54.png are
> missing.

Are you using the .rpm from

or the ledgersmb-1.3.15.tar.gz install file ?

> When I click on the login button I get the Firefox "Authentication Required"
> window, but any combination of username and password that I try are rejected.

FAQ: I can't login

Tip:  pg_hba.conf

You have to allow access from the host and user you use.

> postgres psql ledgersmb<  backupfile.sql
> Is that really all there is to it?  What about setting up passwords for the
> users and so on?  Is all that included in the backup.sql file?  Can I do a
> simple restore of the data from version 1.2 and have it "just work" with
> version 1.3?

I have not done the upgrade my self, but I think you are on the right 
track. Run the setup.pl to do the upgrade.


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