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Re: DELETE error

On Sun, Apr 8, 2012 at 10:50 PM, billy akazawa <..hidden..> wrote:
 ÂI'm using 1.3 and would really like to be able to delete the transactions.Â
I file a corporate return and my tax accountant works off the paper ledger printout underscored by the copies of the paper double-entry invoices I furnish so the audit trail isn't critical in my case (the double-entry paper records are the base in my system [Japan]). Thus, deleting the transactions will help to keep everything in agreement with the paper base and prevent confusion.

Well the short term solution would be to use psql to log into your database and issue

GRANT delete ON gl TO <the-role-you-want-to-be-able-to-delete>;

However, longer term, would it be an option for you to reverse the transaction instead of deleting, BUT: with a report which hides all reversed originals and their neutralizing reversal transactions? The effect would be a list of GL transactions equal to the one you're seeing today.

The difference would be that LedgerSMB would not support deletion anymore, which is very important to the good faith accountants of other users will have in LedgerSMB. I know, that's not your problem, but if the proposed solution above Âworks for you, we can serve both camps with a single solution.


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