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Re: Installing 1.3 on Redhat or Fedora systems?

> I have been routinely testing new releases of v1.3 as they become
> available on a clean install of Fedora 16 virtual system.  While it is
> gradually improving and getting closer to be usable I don't think it is
> there yet.  After recent discussions with Chris on this topic, I have
> decided to wait for v1.4 which should be less hassle.  Chris thinks that
> <snip>
> My view is that for LSMB to be a viable commercial proposition it HAS
> to have a nice RPM install.  Glad to see someone else on the same track!
> Regards,
> Phil.

Hi Phil,

I saw the discussions you were having with Chris on the devel list
after I went and searched for "rpm" in the body of recent messages to
the lists on my mail server (I've been on both ledgersmb lists for

I've started pursuing a working install in documented steps based on
Centos 5 for now (a build of Redhat Enterprise).  I'll update with
progress later this weekend when I get a chance to do more on it.



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