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Installing 1.3 on Redhat or Fedora systems?


I've been running Ledger SMB since about 2007 - currently on 1.2.21, for a small consulting practice (me).  I've recently been investigating migrating to 1.3 (.10 and today .11) - but have run into a few difficulties, so have some questions.

My plan is firstly to get a clean installation of 1.3 up and running, to prove to myself that I'm satisfying all module dependencies etc. and to have a look at 1.3.  Then once thats achieved, I'll work on the migration of my existing 1.2 installation (or rather, on a virtualised clone of that machine - so I don't need to roll-back if it has issues).

So anyway - my questions:

1.  Which RPM-based distribution is the RPM for?  Ideally, a version and the distribution name - I've had little joy with Redhat Enterprise 5 or 6, even using external repo's like "epel" and "atrpms" for the perl module dependencies.  I'm currently installing Fedora 15 into a virtual machine to try there.  There are invariably at least a couple of version incompatibilities between dependencies to install the rpm.  I see in the header of the rpm spec file it says tested on Centos 4 and 5, but I tried to install the 1.3.10 rpm on Centos 5 and couldn't resolve the dependencies using the defaults repos, or with the usual slew of external repo's (epel/atrpms/rpmforge).

2.  In the INSTALL documentation file, it has under the Contents section:

 * Installing Perl module dependencies
   * for Fedora

But there's no list of rpm packages to be installed by yum to provide the perl modules?  I see yum commands for installing the web server, postgres etc. but it appears a section has perhaps been dropped in an earlier revision?  Is there such a list of rpm dependencies somewhere? (I'll go dig through earlier versions of the file to see - its been a few years since I installed 1.2 so its all a bit hazy, but I do recall such a list of perl dependencies existed)

3.  Is there an installation guide other than the INSTALL file?  My memory is that for 1.2 there was an excellent section in the pdf-based Ledger-SMB manual on installation, but its no longer there for 1.3?

If anyone can answer the above that would be great - even if the answer is that the info doesn't exist.


Sydney - Australia
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