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Re: 1.2.x support?

> I couldn't get the upgrade to work, and now the old version isn't working either. I hope I'll be able to solve this soon, as I'm behind on my bookkeeping for 2012.
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I think this highlights the need for many of us to think through an
upgrade process that protects us from ever getting into a situation
where we break a working environment trying to upgrade.  Ideally we
should have a test environment setup to work through an upgrade and
pinpoint any issues so they can be addressed before trying to upgrade
a production environment.  At a bare minimum, making a backup copy of
the Ledgersmb directory along with backups of all ledgersmb databases
will allow you to quickly revert back to a pre-upgrade environment if
you run into problems allowing you to resolve those issues while the
accounting work goes on.


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