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Re: 1.2.x support?

Hi Chris,

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 01:29:51AM -0800, Chris Travers wrote:
> However, at present it doesn't seem that there is
> anyone on these lists who is using 1.2.x, and therefore it doesn't seem to
> be worth my time to worry about allocating time to it.  I would rather be
> spending my community time on 1.4 anyway to the extent possible.
> Am I wrong about this?

Well, I am using 1.2.26 in production at present because it is stable
(am tempted to say "rock solid"). I did spend some time trying to get
1.3 working a few months ago but did not manage to get it up and
running, never mind import the existing data. As the current 1.2 system
was not broken the impetus to go to 1.3 wasn't there. As we're
approaching year-end, however, I intend to revisit 1.3 with a view to
transferring in April. If this doesn't go smoothly, I'll be happy to
stick with 1.2 for another year.

So while I think you are wrong that nobody is using 1.2.x, the flip side
is that you are right that little (no?) time needs to be spent on it
since there's nothing to fix.

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