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Re: Ledgersmb Authentication issue

Hi Steven,

Trying the command you provided, it prompted me for the password and upon entering it returned a Fatal error indicating password authentication failed.  I then tried the following in psql:

Alter User neidiane.pereira WITH PASSWORD 'somepassword';

This returned an error indicating a syntax error at or near the "." in the name.  It appears not to like the use of a period in the name although tatiane.marshall works correctly.

You should be able to run the command  $ ALTER USER  "neidiane.pereira" WITH PASSWORD 'somepassword';

The double quotes delimit the user name with characters which would have otherwise meaning in SQL.



Thanks.  I was able to execute the provided command and this successfully changed the password and these users can now login.  Very strange.  The only thing I can think of as far as when I first created these users is that I first created the one user that worked, and while the permission page was open I clicked on the New Window link in the left hand nav. Then proceeded to create the other users and setting their permissions in this new window.  It is these two users that were created in the new window that somehow ended up being broken.