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Re: Ledgersmb Authentication issue

Hi Steven,

I am having authentication issues with a couple of my usernames.  I created the following users with corresponding passwords:


I am able to login with tatiane.marshall, but not the other two. Using my admin ID, I go to the Admin Users section and edit both of the problem users by setting their password again.  Unfortunately, this doesn't change anything.  In my apache error_log I get the following errors:

As an update, I am able to login to PostgreSQL via psql from the server using both of the problem user IDs.  From the prompt I entered:

psql StallusBoutique -U neidiane.pereira -W

After being prompted, I enter this user's password and successfully connect.


Actually, it appears that the above test will accept any password, even one that is incorrect so it must allow this since I was logged onto the machine as the postgres user.  Repeating the original steps logging in via Ledgersmb, my pg_log shows the following:

2012-02-06 15:38:01 BRST StallusBoutique neidiane.pereira FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "neidiane.pereira"
2012-02-06 15:38:03 BRST StallusBoutique neidiane.pereira FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "neidiane.pereira"

Probably your LedgerSMB is trying to log in using a method best simulated using this command:

 $ psql -U <user> -h localhost -d StallusBoutique

The above command should ask you for a password from any user in the system - except (maybe) the postgres user.



Trying the command you provided, it prompted me for the password and upon entering it returned a Fatal error indicating password authentication failed.  I then tried the following in psql:

Alter User neidiane.pereira WITH PASSWORD 'somepassword';

This returned an error indicating a syntax error at or near the "." in the name.  It appears not to like the use of a period in the name although tatiane.marshall works correctly.