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Hi Paddy,

On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 11:21 AM, Paddy Walker <..hidden..> wrote:
> Thank you Havard & Erik fo your prompt replies.
> The current UK.rates are Standard 20%, Reduced 5%, Zero 0%
> & Exempt.

> I went into System->Chart of Accounts->Add Accounts and added three new
> accounts VAT.(Standard rate) : 2201, VAT.(Reduced rate) : 2206 &
> VAT.(Zero rate) : 2207. Account type Liability. All four tax check boxes
> ticked.

Just a minute ago, I've committed something similar to your changes:

2200 VAT - Standard rate
2205 VAT - Reducted rate
2209 VAT - Zero rate

So with the percentages 20%, 5% and 0% associated.

So, in LedgerSMB 1.3.10 (yet to be released), loading a standard UK
company will get you the right results.

> I then went into system->Taxes. I entered the appropriate finishing date
> (31/12/10) for the old 17.55 & 5% rates. I added the appropriate rates
> for my new Standard, Reduced and Zero accounts. I entered the
> appropriate account numbers. In the Valid To column I entered 31/12/12
> for the new accounts. Ordering column entries are all 0. Tax Rules all
> Simple. Update. There are now two blank rows with infinity in the Valid
> To column. Save. It acknowledged that it was saved successfully.
> I would suggest that VAT. rates are likely to be varied regularly and
> therefore the account names shold be non specific.
> http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/VAT/forms-rates/index.htm should find you the
> rates.
> I have been guided by paragraph 5, page 23 in the manual. In particular
> paragraph 5.1.2 does not work for me.

In a testing company of mine, I've just executed these steps, which
seemed to work for me:

Go to page System -> Taxes
Click Update (which creates the extra rows)
Fill out *all* new rows, setting the ending date for all existing rows
to different dates per tax rate. (ie, no common end dates within
"Standard"); I chose 2011-12-31 to end the active records.
Set a future date or 'infinite' as the end date on the new lines. (I
chose 2012-12-31 as the new end date)
Be sure to set the right rate and description (the latter not being required).
Click on Save.

Now create a customer and make sure the checkmarks for all VAT types
are checked (below the "Taxes" line on the Accounts page).

Then, go to AR->Sales invoice and enter an invoice for a product which
has VAT checked as applicable. You can see if it has by going to:
Goods & Services->Reports->(whatever you want to report, I selected
Services)->Continue->(Select one). Below "Link accounts", make sure
your VAT types are checked.

If you select AR->Add transaction, no VAT calculation is done for you:
you're supposed to enter your own.

Hope that helps!